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Nurdan is a reliable and resourceful professional with exceptional inter-personal skills. She has managed to combine key elements from her extensive international experience to offer a unique set of skills to the design and implementation of training programmes for the industrial and service sectors. At heart she is a committed educationalist who brings a clarity of intent and single-minded purposeless to each encounter with learners. Students and colleagues at Chapterhouse, Dublin were very appreciative of these qualities.

Jonathan Duignan, Owner/Director of Dublin Cultural Institute, Ireland

A couple of years ago I met Nurdan in Cambridge when we were both attending a course on creative teaching. Since then we have regularly been discussing various aspects of education and she has supported me by providing professional advice not only on teaching but also on life.

Due to her personal background and life story she can draw on many valuable experiences that add to her philosophy of coaching. Her approach to focus on autonomy in the learning process shows that she cares about the learner’s individuality and personal strengths. She is a good listener and shows patience when needed. Nurdan is a very passionate educator and coach, talking to her inspires and motivates.

Brigit X. English Language Teacher.- Austria

I got to know Nurdan back in 2017 in Cambridge, UK where we were both attending a two-weeks-course about Teaching and Creativity. I was drawn to her from the very beginning because of the way she approached different tasks. Nurdan had no difficulties whatsoever to tackle all tasks presented in class with no preparation at all. She had no problems whatsoever to introduce new approaches and ideas in class or even re-sculpt pre-existing ones in order to make sure that everyone truly understood the topic that was being taught. Furthermore, as I perceived her as someone who looks and observes, but also listens actively, she could provide valuable feedback at all times. I would have loved to have had Nurdan as my educator. It would have made a huge difference to have someone as empathetic and competent as Nurdan as a Neurolanguage Coach.

Foljeta B. English and French Language Teacher- Austria

I was curious to figure out about this new method, Neurolanguage Coaching works to learn a language, especially because of my bad experiences at school. At work I try to convince people not to give up while learning a new language. Not the teacher is bad nor the learner stupid – learner and teacher have to match. With Nurdan I‘ve found a very nice Neurolanguage Coach who motivates me a lot!

I can send her my exercises and we go through it during my lessons which helps a lot to understand the Turkish grammar and structure. Nurdan explained and showed me fascinating details of her life, country and culture. She also sent me explanations, exercises or vocabulary tailored to my learning type. I‘m very happy that I found her for my learning experience.

Heike B. HR Professional, Germany

I very much enjoy the language coaching with Nurdan. She made me speak Turkish already from the first minute. It is a very motivating and fun atmosphere.

Angela S. HR Professional, Germany

I enjoyed working with Nurdan. She coached me with everything I needed at that moment.

Tetyana S., Teacher, Neurolanguage Coach Techingisfun, Ukraine

Nurdan is passionate about teaching. She has developed her coaching practice to help clients understand how neuroscience can provide us with insights into how we can learn faster, more intuitively and in an environment that is enjoyable and works specifically to suit your needs.

Deirdre Murray, Master Executive Coach People Resources, Ireland


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