Learning a language challenges our brain in new ways and opens us up to a new level of understanding of people from different cultures. Yet many of us remember the difficulties of learning a language in school and negative experiences stay with us well into adulthood. This closes us off from the opportunity to converse with new friends, colleagues or family members, and really gain an understanding of other cultures.

At Nurdan Colleran, Neurolanguage Coach®, I work with individuals who would like to improve language skills in English or Turkish, whether for personal development or fun. Neurolanguage Coaching® is a modern, brain-friendly language learning method informed by neuroscience and delivered using classic coaching techniques that empower YOU, the learner.

I’m here to help you achieve your language learning goals!

Discover what Neurolanguage Coaching® has to offer.

Why learn with me

  • Modern, brain-friendly language learning method informed by neuroscience.
  • Helps you learn better, faster and more efficiently.
  • Build fluency and improve language skills for long-lasting proficiency.
  • I use coaching techniques to empower YOU, the learner.
  • You direct your learning.
  • Set your language learning goals and stay motivated.
  • Turkish and English language coaching available.

Learn 1:1 or in small groups.

Transform the way you learn languages and open the door to new experiences!

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