Good language skills are vital in today’s global economy. The challenge for multinational companies with culturally diverse teams across different geographical locations is to help your management teams and staff to communicate effectively with each other. In the end this is good for business, improves efficiency, boosts overall productivity, creates a positive company culture and happier teams.

At Nurdan Colleran, Neurolanguage Coach®, we understand the challenges of global business and the unique language needs of business executives and professionals. Having worked for many years in the corporate environment, and in the NGO and Government sector, language coach Nurdan Colleran has a unique insight into your needs as a professional or leader in business working with colleagues, clients and stakeholders from diverse backgrounds.

Are you a HR professional, business executive, entrepreneur or manager who needs to improve language skills to build better relationships and improve team performance?

I’m here to help!

Discover what Neurolanguage Coaching® has to offer.

Why work with me

  • Modern, brain-friendly language learning method informed by neuroscience.
  • Helps you/your team to learn better, faster and more efficiently.
  • Build fluency and improve language skills of your team for long-lasting proficiency.
  • I use coaching techniques to empower YOU, the learner.
  • Set your language learning goals and stay motivated.
  • Turkish and English language coaching available.
  • Learn 1:1 or in small groups.
  • Specialist workshops to develop language skills or intercultural relationships also available.
  • Neurolanguage Coaching® programmes can be designed that address language skills in key areas of business communication like negotiation, presentations and report writing.

Neurolanguage Coaching® has a lot to offer business users. I would be delighted to discuss how Neurolanguage Coaching® can transform language learning for business in your organisation.

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Neurolanguage Communication® Training

I also offer Neurolanguage Communication® Training to HR professionals to improve your professional business communication. Principles of neuroscience and coaching come together and are applied to the communication process to help learners/communicators to communicate in a better way. The Neurolanguage Communication® approach can be used in any learning or communication process and delivers a consistent brain-friendly way of communication.

Speak to me to find out more about how this exciting new programme will transform your effectiveness at work.


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